Victor Krummenacher


2014, here we are. Well into it, as a matter of fact. After many years of balancing lots of shows (70 or so last year) AND a day job, I’m hoping this year simply to finish many recordings I have started and stay home a bit and take care of a backlog of mundane things (repainting the house, anyone?)

To that end, I’ve started an Indiegogo campaign to fund the first album of all original material by Monks of Doom in 22 years. We’re well on our way to completing it, but we do need your help getting it done. I’ll be posting updates, including mixes of songs we’ve completed thus far as the campaign continues. We started recording basics back in 2009, so it’s time to wrap this up. Your contributions are appreciated! I’m hoping to be done with this at the end of the year.

Also in 2014, there will certainly be a Campout (X). There will be, a new Camper Van Beethoven album, called El Camino Real. It’s our take to Southern California, which is to say not quite as mellow as La Costa Perdida. We are done mixing and planning the release and a short tour later in the year.

A new solo album by yours truly titled “Hard To See Trouble Coming” is well underway. I had been doing a ton of writing over the last few years, and this is my first album of original songs since 2008′s “Patriarch’s Blues.” I had no big plans to make an album, but personal challenges combined with a growing awareness of the perilous state of our ecological crisis kind of motivated me to make a statement of sorts. It’s the most intimate solo recording I’ve done, and conversely the most rocking. I’m planning on a summer release.

I should add that my old friend Greg Allen (we’ve known each other since high school, and he’s at least as old as I am…) and his comrades at Omnivore Recordings have re-released Camper Van Beethovens’ Virgin Albums. The remasters sound excellent, and we’re happy to see these made available again and updated so well. Check it out:

Finally, in the last couple of weeks I had my initial shows with Chris Miller & James Sasser, Miller & Sasser. I enjoyed myself a ton and am looking forward to playing more music with them. I think we’ve got a mind for a small California run in the fall, and I think we’ll likely be recording as we can. It’s more than a little refreshing to be working my country chops again, and it’ll exciting what we come up with down the road.

So as you can see, a lot of stuff going on. Check back next week, I’ll have a couple of solo shows to announce. And go get yourself a piece of that Monks of Doom recording… I think you’ll like it.

See you soon.